Nicholas Conservatory, Day 1 of Installation

Rockford Park District employees Jason Ney (left) and Garret Jones (right) take a break from the installation at the Nicholas Conservatory and enjoy the planted rooftop.

The first half of the installation of the LiveRoof brand green roof system was installed atop the Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, IL this week.  The second half of the installation will be completed on Monday, July 30.

The green roof contains a mixture of drought tolerant Sedum species as well as some native and adapted non-native perennials.  The conservatory’s green roof will recreate habitat, cool the building and reduce stormwater runoff.

“The green roof decreases stormwater runoff, reduces energy use by insulating the rooftop, and extends the service life of the building’s structural roof by shielding it,” said Ruth Miller, manager, Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens. “In addition, the green roof will allow us to enhance educational opportunities by teaching visitors about sustainability during select times when the green roof is available for tours.”

The community is buzzing with excitement.