RoofEdge Aluminum Edge Restraint for Green Roofs

RoofEdge® Aluminum Edge Restraint

A New Standard in Edging: The patented RoofEdge® products represent second generation green roof edging.  Extruded, fabricated and finished in the USA, each RoofEdge product is the result of lessons learned over thousands of installations.  The line collectively represents a new standard for function, aesthetics and integration.

RoofEdge was design to be architecturally pleasing to the eye and with the contractor in mind.  Economical and easy to install, the quality of the materials and finishes—whether natural aluminum or anodized color—are better than ever.

Integrated Sizes

LiveRoof® RoofEdge® is a green roof aluminum edger designed to complement the four available sizes of the LiveRoof System. It is extruded, fabricated and finished in the United States using the highest quality materials and standards.

  • RoofEdge Lite: 2.75″ tall

  • RoofEdge Standard: 4.25″ tall

  • RoofEdge Deep: 6.5″ tall

  • RoofEdge Maxx: 8.5″ tall

Architectural-Grade Finishes

We stock RoofEdge components in multiple finishes.  Mill finished aluminum components complement a wide variety of modern structures.  Anodized finishes in black and bronze are popular for reducing glare and blending with architectural building features.

  • Mill Finish

  • Black Anodize Finish

  • Bronze Anodize Finish

Close up view of Mill Finish RoofEdge

Mill Finish

Close up view of Black Anodized RoofEdge

Black Anodized

Close up view of Bronze Anodized RoofEdge

Bronze Anodized

How to choose between base in and base out RoofEdge corners.

Factory-Formed Corners

We stock factory-formed corners in all sizes and finishes.  These save labor and ensure quality.  If anodized parts are used, they are formed before the anodization process for a flawless finish.  Each corner has 6″ x 6″ legs for compact storage and shipping.

Please specify the orientation of the bend with your order.

  • Base In: The base of the L-shaped piece is bent inward.  This corner that would be to enclose the outside a solid rectangle of vegetation.

  • Base Out: The base of the L-shaped piece is bent outward.  This corner would be typical of boxing out a vegetation-free zone such as roof vents or equipment.

Drain Boxes

Fabricated drain boxes simplify the process of boxing out drain areas on green roofs.  Lidded drain box option includes latches with locking pins, which secure the lid against wind uplift and allow for tool-free access for drain inspections.

  • 24″ x 24″ square

  • Stocked in all edging heights

  • Mill finish boxes

  • Lids available in mill finish, black anodize, bronze anodize

Tie-Off Boxes

Roof anchors and similar penetrations are easier to inspect if they are boxed out from the vegetation.  We stock fabricated 12″ square boxes for this purpose.  We weld all but one corner, so that the unwelded corner can be opened to fit around a tall pipe or an anchor tethered to a cable.

  • 12″ x 12″ square

  • Stocked in all edging heights

  • Mill finish

  • 3 Corners Welded

Frequently Asked Questions about RoofEdge

Why are RoofEdge colors anodized instead of powder-coated?

After considering pros and cons of powder coating versus anodizing, we chose to anodize RoofEdge.  Powder-coated finishes offer flexibility in color options; however, the durability of the finish can vary greatly.  With some products, we observed loss of paint in as little as two years.

As green roofs are intended to last decades, we need a finish that would last as long.  As anodization is a change to the chemical composition of the aluminum component’s surface, it becomes a permanent feature.  This finish is most suitable for salty environments (such as near ocean spray) and its hardness allows the finish to endure more abuse than a coated product.

RoofEdge samples in multiple sizes and colors.

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