Green Roof Maintenance

The key to simple and easy green roof maintenance lies in frequent, short visits.

Some green roof suppliers will suggest that 1 or 2 months between maintenance visits is reasonable.  With commonly invasive weeds, this period is too long to prevent them from reproducing by flowering and setting seed. One weed may in turn into dozens between visits. And, if these dozens had the opportunity to reproduce, they become hundreds, which in turn can become thousands.

A video guide on how to properly maintain your LiveRoof.

Our operation manual provides an overview of typical seasonal care activities required for optimal performance and longevity.

Different climates and different vegetation types call for different care protocols.  We have developed a tool that allows us to quickly generate customized operation manuals for each project.  To receive your copy, contact your LiveRoof representative.

Maintenance Support – Sign Up for Seasonal Reminders

We care about the quality of your green roof system, and your experience today and two or three decades from now. To protect your investment, we have developed a series of seasonally specific maintenance instructions.

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