Green Roof Products & Accessories

Our green roof systems and accessories are designed in response to feedback from customers looking for attractive, simple and secure solutions.  All components are integrated and proven to promote plant health, long life, and dependable sustainability.


Why Choose LiveRoof Systems?

We are dedicated to providing the best functioning, most beautiful, longest lived, and most easily maintained green roof on the market. At LiveRoof, we look well beyond closing the initial sale. Bottom line: we want every designer, installer and owner of our products to be elated with their experience with LiveRoof.

Natural Function

LiveRoof is a unique modular green roof system that unites the soil across a monolithic continuum.  This allows for equal distribution of moisture, fertility, and beneficial organisms, and is the key to long term function of the green roof system.

Natural Beauty

LiveRoof is subterranean, allowing for a naturally beautiful meadow-like aesthetic.  There is no unsightly gridwork of module edges.


The LiveRoof network is dedicated to using sound green-roofing principles including proper interface with the waterproofing system, soil composition, and specific plant options for various soil depths, climates, and rooftop microclimates.

Experienced and Proven

LiveRoof has successfully completed over 4500 projects throughout North America. Collectively, more than 9 million square feet have been installed, and best practice information is shared among all LiveRoof growers. This means that each and every project benefits from this knowledge, and 500+ years of collective horticultural experience.

Technical Support

On most projects, a member of the LiveRoof grower’s team will be present to consult, educate and facilitate the installation. Likewise, LiveRoof growers are available to teach and train proper maintenance procedures after the installation, and can be easily reached for ongoing consultation.


The patented LiveRoof System is scalable to any size project.  LiveRoof is just as good planted by the acre for warehouse-scale installations as it is for precisely patterned boutique installations.  Your local LiveRoof licensed grower will be enthusiastic about every project, big or small, simple or complex.


LiveRoof has the system versatility to provide unique work and social spaces, unique color patterns, and can accommodate a great variety of plants. With the right selection of system and plants, one can optimize all aspects of the green roof.