Who We Are

We are green roof innovators, focused on optimizing every aspect of the green roof. We are a network of industry leading green roof growers with a collective 500+ years of horticultural experience.

We are local in key markets across North America with specialization in regional plant materials, soils, water, and climate.

Who We Work With

We are trying our best to foster a greener world, and one facet of this is creating a certified installer group that is “inclusive” of both roofing-, landscape- and green roof contractors. Likewise, our green roof systems are complementary to nearly all types of waterproofing from all manufacturers. Whether EPDM, TPO, PVC, bituminous, polyurethane, rubberized asphalt, inverted or conventional, LiveRoof is complementary and compatible for co-specification with the waterproofing system of your chouse. We are servant-minded and believe in giving customers what they require. Naturally, the manufacturer’s “approved LiveRoof-compatible build up” should be specified and followed.

What We Believe

We believe that to do green roofs right, we must provide the greatest long term owner value (not necessarily the cheapest acquisition price). To us this means ease of maintenance, greatest beauty, longest lifespan, and lowest life cycle cost.

We believe in teamwork and timely, honest communication. We believe in win-win scenarios, fairness, and ethical business practices. We believe in efficiency, consistency, and great service.

What We Do

We strive to improve the world by restoring the balance between green spaces and hard spaces. We respect life; the environment, water, air, plants, animals, humanity.

We develop systems, soils, and plants for green roofs in our respective climates, and grow them in a healthy, environmentally responsible manner.

Why We Do What We Do

We care about the earth and its plan, animal, and human inhabitants. And we feel compelled to do our part to help restore the health of the planet and its occupants.

How We Do It

We test and develop systems, soils and plants for green roofs in our respective climates and grow them in a healthy environmentally responsible manner.

We grow in the unique and proven LiveRoof system, deliver on time and pride dependable and attentive service.

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Years in Business

Supplier of Hybrid Green Roof Systems & Accessories

LiveRoof is a division of Hortech, Inc., one of the Midwest’s leading wholesale growers of sustainably-grown perennials.

Hortech Inc. and its subsidiaries are led by founder Dave MacKenzie, horticulturalist, biologist, inventor, and author.  After achieving national renown as a leader in horticulture, Dave had sufficient experience to re-think and improve green roofs as a key contributor to responsible green building design.

This led to a new company, LiveRoof Global, LLC (in 2006) which quickly became the industry standard for quality.

In addition to developing a more sustainable and better functioning green roof system, we are unique in our local presence through industry-leading nurseries in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.  For the LiveRoof system to thrive in all climate types, it has to be tested, produced and cared for in the climate where it will be installed.  Our products are backed by a network of professional growers which pool together over 500 years of collective experience, ensuring continual improvement and the highest quality on all projects.

Since the introduction of LiveRoof, our team has introduced complementary systems in response to market demand for simple, effective and attractive green roof accessories.  These include RoofStone engineered pavers with built-in pedestals, RoofEdge L-shaped aluminum edge restraint products, PipeRunner irrigation pipe holders, and RoofBlue risers.

Effective green roof systems must be paired with the most drought tolerant, vigorous and hardy plants.  For this reason, we have spent over a decade selecting and developing plants specifically proven to perform on roofs.  Our line of RoofTop Proven™ plants includes dozens of unique varieties that provide the lowest maintenance and the highest performance.