LiveRoof projects are installed only by LiveRoof Certified Installers that have been trained by LiveRoof representatives in the proper method of installing LiveRoof systems. These are typically professional roofing contractors and landscape contractors.

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LiveRoof Installation

Follow these simple instructions for successful, efficient green roof installations.

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Continuous Flow for Optimizing Profitability

Walking, starting and stopping, and having too large of a team increases the number of man-hours required to complete installations. Labor is expensive, so practicing lean flow is essential to being competitive and profitable.  This video provides recommendations for enhancing installer profitability through “lean” or “continual flow” of materials, appropriate equipment, and proper team size.

RoofEdge Installation

RoofEdge is used in perimeter areas of the LiveRoof system to protect the modules from UV degradation and to contain soil. When stone ballast or traditional paver/pedestals are used, edging must be used.

RoofStone Installation

RoofStone installs TEN TIMES as fast a traditional roof pavers and pedestals.  RoofStone is ideal for fast, efficient installation of maintenance pathways, vegetation-free zones, and small patios.

RoofBlue Installation

RoofBlue risers provide void space beneath LiveRoof modules for additional stormwater detention.  RoofBlue risers install simply and efficiently.

WindDisc Installation

The patent-pending WindDisc system helps to secure LiveRoof brand green roof modules against wind uplift, improving the already strong resistance to uplift.