Green Roof Technical Resources

Green roof technical data is critical to empowering buyers and designers to make informed product decisions.

Read on for more technical information.  You may also find our Frequently Asked Questions page helpful.

LiveRoof Design and Engineering Information

Our ever-evolving list of best practices for green roof design and engineering, based on experience from supplying millions of square feet of green roofing, a decade of research, and our continual drive for improvement.

LiveRoof request form for a catalog.

We want your project to be a success. Use our designer’s checklist to help you avoid common green roof design challenges, as well as give you ideas for plants that work well in each of our modules.

LiveRoof detail drawings to better know our system

Architectural drawings in several file formats to help you better understand the LiveRoof system and how to make it work for your roof.

LiveRoof installation and maintenance help for your roof.

Simple-to-follow guides and videos for LiveRoof installation, RoofStone, RoofBlue, and more.

LiveRoof maintenance support form for our maintenance newsletter.

Get your green roof maintenance information from the experts. Sign up for our maintenance newsletter to help keep you on track each season.

LiveRoof spec writer to help bring your project together

Use our spec writer form to generate specifications fit for your project (Microsoft Word/docx format).