Continuing Education

Below is our current AIA approved course. If you would like to have a Lunch and Learn in your region, send an email to our Business Development Specialist, Doni Burton at and she will connect you with a sales rep in your area. Or call our LiveRoof main office and ask for Doni (800) 875-1392.

Green Roof Best Practices and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Course participants will experience content including types of green roofs, benefits and elements of green roof design as well as things to avoid when designing and installing green roofs. Examples of green roof projects are used to illustrate concepts as they are introduced.

Learning Objective 1:
Types of Green Roofs: Participants will learn and be able to identify 4 types of green roofs; Extensive, Semi-intensive, Intensive, and Blue-Green.

Learning Objective 2:
The Benefits of Green Roofs: Participants will learn and be able to identify multiple benefits of green roofs such as: longer roofing life spans, stormwater management, beautification, energy savings, positive corporate culture, habitat creation, expanding usable space, and displaying progressiveness.

Learning Objective 3:
Green Roof Accessories and Plants: Participants will learn and be able to understand green roof accessories and plants to assist with writing conscientious specifications for both in future projects.

Learning Objective 4:
Things to Avoid: Participants will learn the most common green roof mistakes such as the importance of specifying transitional maintenance and the importance of irrigation and what to do with “dead air spaces.”