Green Roof Soil

Engineered to Exacting Standards

LiveRoof® Engineered Green Roof Soil™ is designed to be sustainable, used in conjunction with the LiveRoof module and to be the best green roof soil on the market. LiveRoof Soil, a proprietary blend of the finest inorganic and organic materials formulated under strictly controlled standards.

LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil™ is designed to:

  • Be approximately 94+% inorganic by dry weight (92% in British Columbia), as is the case with ecologically stable, sustainable, mature green roofs.
  • Conform to German FLL granulometric standards.
  • Filter rainwater and buffer acid rain.
  • Effectively grow LiveRoof plants.
  • Last for many decades.

LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil™ weighs approximately 27 to 29 lbs./sq. ft. fully saturated at 4¼” depth when fully vegetated with LiveRoof plants.

LiveRoof's specially-engineered green roof soil.

Note: LiveRoof soil specifications will vary somewhat depending on region and available components. Consult your local grower for specifics.