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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) is pleased to present the GRHC Corporate Member Legacy Award to LiveRoof Global, as part of the 2023 Jeffrey L. Bruce Awards of Excellence Awards Program. This award is presented to LiveRoof Global in recognition of their outstanding commitment to advancing the green roof and wall industries.

The GRHC Corporate Member Legacy Award is designed to express appreciation to companies that have consistently contributed to the progress of the green roof and wall industries. This accolade is exclusively granted to long-standing corporate members who have continuously supported GRHC and contributed to our industry-building initiatives. We are delighted and proud to confer this award upon Liveroof.


LiveRoof Global are green roof innovators, focused on optimizing every aspect of the green roof. They are a network of industry leading green roof growers with a collective 500+ years of horticultural experience. They are local in key markets across North America with specialization in regional plant materials, soils, water, and climate.

LiveRoof Global was awarded the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Corporate Member Legacy Award, and described as “an expression of gratitude to companies that have consistently supported the advancement of green roof and wall technologies. It acknowledges commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation, and a company’s role in shaping the future of these industries.”

“Receiving this award was a surprise, and is received with gratitude; LiveRoof Global is dedicated to making a difference,” said LiveRoof Global’s president Dave MacKenzie. “We embrace the science, engineering, horticulture and ecology of green roofs, and we respect the various disciplines needed to design and build green roofs. We also respect collaboration and practical-innovation, which since our inception have been our focus. It is nice to be acknowledged for our efforts”.

“But, we didn’t invent green roofs, and must acknowledge our forebears; Scandinavians and American settlers that had the sense to use soil and vegetation on their rooftops, and German engineers who modernized the practice. We also acknowledge the hard work and research, private and public, that has helped us to understand the value of green roofs. People like Nigel Dunnet and Ed Snodgrass and Brad Rowe have worked hard to understand green roofs, and to educate others. Likewise, we are grateful for organizations such as Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, which provides vision and direction, fosters professionalism, and provides a forum for education and discussion. There are also programs such as LEED and Sites, and visionary architects, landscape architects, planners and developers—who foster the use of green roofs”.

“Many people, including Jeffrey Bruce, have invested time and energy and vision toward a greener, healthier, more sustainable future. For their efforts we are thankful. Naturally, we applaud our entire LiveRoof network, and ultimately, we are thankful to God for allowing us to be involved in this amazing industry”.

Dave MacKenzie, Owner - LiveRoof Global

Join us in celebrating LiveRoofs remarkable contributions to the advancement of the green roof and wall industries.



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