Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center (Toledo, Ohio) is now housed under a green roof of lush plants.  Many patient rooms face the 2,500 square-foot rooftop terrace green roof, which features a courtyard for the exclusive enjoyment of patients and their families.  The LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System was selected for the terrace green roof, which was installed by Advanced Roofing Services.

St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio features a new green roof which is visible to patients, visitors and staff.

Patients and their visitors can see the park-like setting from over 84 patient rooms, multiple waiting rooms, and visitor lounges.  While most renovations are focused on improving work flow or updating areas, this renovation stemmed from a desire to provide naturally healing and calming space for visitors, patients, and staff.

“With the completion of the rooftop garden, I believe it will reduce stress with our employees and improve the outcomes of some of our patients, while improving the experience for all patients and their families.  This will be a place to relax and enjoy a tranquil distraction within our complex,” expressed Jennifer Yockey, an MSN, CIC Infection Control Nurse with Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

Green roofs, or vegetation on roofs, offer many benefits, including, beautification, water management, air purification and an increase in energy efficiency.

Todd Kwapich, Project Coordinator for Mercy, said, “The space seemed perfect for the endeavor.  The totally enclosed area was previously a drab ‘concrete jungle’ that was just not utilized.  Now it is like the signature hole on  a golf course.”

The LiveRoof system greens other rooftops of Mercy facilities.  “Our sister hospital, Mercy St. Charles, has installed these roof top gardens with success, on multiple roofs at their facility.  We used this concept with the additional thought of human interaction, and came up with a great location,” said Kwapich.