A study by Michigan State University confirmed overhead spray irrigation as the most water-efficient method of watering green roof substrates.  When compared to drip and subsurface irrigation systems, the overhead spray method fully saturated the soil with the the least amount of runoff and yielded the healthiest plants.

Yet, irrigation pipe sitting directly on the roofing membrane can act as a dam, preventing water from flowing naturally to roof drains.  Impeded water may pool on the roof, which presents a concern for plant health and roof system integrity.

Simple Irrigation Solution for Green Roofs: PipeRunner by LiveRoof

To make it easier to accommodate PVC or polypropylene irrigation lines without giving up soil volume within or below modules, we have developed a new riser which elevates and cradles irrigation pipe. PipeRunner™, now available, ensures unimpeded water flow to roof drains.

PipeRunner rests neatly between rows of modules and creates a 3” gap accommodating up to 1.5” diameter irrigation pipe and fittings.  Once the PipeRunner and irrigation assembly are in place, pipe and fittings are simply buried for a clean aesthetic and to shield them from degrading UV exposure.