Community College of Philadelphia strives to be a responsible steward of its financial resources and facilities and a good neighbor responsive to its community. Green roofs are vital in this mission. The College has selected the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System from LiveRoof®, LLC for two new green roofs on its Main Campus. LiveRoof, with plants grown locally by Creek Hill Nursery, will be installed on the College’s new Pavilion Building (a 7,900-square-foot green roof) and on an addition to the Bonnell Building (a 3,600-square-foot green roof).

“LiveRoof is complete on the day it is installed — not two or three years later if the plants mature and fill in,” said Gary Bixby, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Management, Community College of Philadelphia. “With LiveRoof the College immediately gets 100 percent of the roof protection, energy conservation and stormwater management benefits from our investment in green roofs. Our neighbors in the high-rise buildings next to the campus also get to enjoy the view of lush green space right away.”

The LiveRoof hybrid green roof system was installed atop Community College of Philadelphia.

The LiveRoof hybrid green roof system was installed atop Community College of Philadelphia.

The LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System is designed for immediate success and enduring sustainability. Only LiveRoof modules are delivered with plants that are already full-grown and flourishing. With its innovative module design, the most technologically advanced and horticulturally refined in the industry, LiveRoof is the only modular green roof that establishes a unified, sustainable ecosystem on the rooftop.

LiveRoof maintains a network of regional growers across the U.S. and Canada. LiveRoof plants are locally adapted, selected, and grown with local horticultural expertise for every LiveRoof project. Creek Hill Nursery distributes the LiveRoof System and grows the plants for green roof installations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and parts of New Jersey.

Community College of Philadelphia
Community College of Philadelphia is the largest public institution of higher education in the City. Since 1965, the College has served more than 630,000 students seeking associate’s degrees, certificates, improved workplace skills, and lifelong learning. Today, the College enrolls more than 39,000 students annually at its Main Campus, three Regional Centers and various locations throughout Philadelphia. The College offers more than 70 degree and certificate programs in art, science, business, technology and liberal arts with day, evening and weekend classes, as well as classes on the Internet. Visit the College at

Creek Hill Nursery
Nestled in the verdant valley of Lancaster County, Penn. since 1990, Creek Hill Nursery specializes in herbaceous perennials, ornamental grasses, and deciduous woody plants. Aligned with horticultural groups on the leading edge of introducing and breeding new plants from around the world, Creek Hill offers uncommon horticultural expertise. Creek Hill is the distributor and grower for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and parts of New Jersey. More information is available at

LiveRoof®, LLC
LiveRoof, LLC ( is the horticultural science company that developed the LiveRoof® Hybrid System: the only green roof solution installed as a naturally functioning ecosystem with thriving, fully mature plants. Combining the best elements of proven green roof technologies, LiveRoof establishes a seamless vegetative surface rooted in a continuous layer of soil. This design maximizes environmental benefits, energy savings and rooftop aesthetics. Regional growers in its national network adapt LiveRoof plants for local conditions and customize plant selection for every project. LiveRoof’s natural function and natural beauty offer the highest level of green roof performance at the lowest level of acquisition-installation-maturation-maintenance costs. The proof is on the roof — showcased in LiveRoof projects that stand out as signature elements on commercial, public, university and school buildings in more than two dozen states and Canada.