As of March 2023, Roof Top Sedums LLC., will become LiveRoof Midwest. Founded in 2007 by sisters Roxanne Nagel and Teresa Nelson, they service Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and portions of Illinois and Wisconsin. LiveRoof Midwest is based in Davenport, Iowa.

What makes LiveRoof Midwest stand out among the rest?

From Teresa’s viewpoint: “We are competitive within our region because of our ability to do custom growing, which means we can provide elaborately patterned roofs that thrive under extreme rooftop conditions. By utilizing our plant expertise to choose the right plants for each space, we add depth to the team. I’m always helping designers and firms with advice when they need help with green roof design – I think of myself as a teacher. We have an obligation to share our green roof knowledge with designers to help them to succeed! I spend a lot of my time on the road just introducing people to green roofs.”

Roxanne added: “Beyond the design process, we provide enormous physical dedication to each project. This includes not only the extensive labor required to grow the fully-vegetated LiveRoof modules, but also working cooperatively with our select group of LiveRoof Certified Installers.”

University of Iowa’s Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building uses sedums and accent plants effectively.

Why a Name Change?

Changing the business name from Roof Top Sedums to LiveRoof Midwest is timely and appropriate. According to Teresa, “LiveRoof has such a recognizable name that it just made sense.” As the business has continued to grow and evolve, a name change was inevitable. “When we started out, we only sold the LiveRoof Standard system with sedums. However, we have since expanded to include additional LiveRoof systems, including soil depths of 6 and 8 inches, which are capable of supporting a whole host of beautiful perennials, native grasses, and wildflowers!”

What is most exciting about the upcoming season?

For Roxanne, there is a lot to look forward to, “With a return to normal and Teresa’s renewed focus on face-to-face sales, I’m excited about our expected growth. As the head grower, I have to be the workhorse and the gears behind the scenes to physically produce the final product. With the expected growth in sales, we have allocated plenty of space to meet the demand, and we are ready to maximize it!”

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The owners of LiveRoof Midwest: Roxanne Nagel (left) and Teresa Nelson (Right).