Please join us in welcoming Pioneer Gardens INC. from Deerfield, MA! They will replace Pride’s Corner Farms and become the new grower for the northeast region, now called LiveRoof NorthEast.

Founded by Arjen Vriend in 1996, Pioneer Gardens INC. brings over 25 years of experience growing perennials and bare root starter plants for wholesale. Arjen and the rest of his five-person team, including Sean Faulkner, Pioneer Gardens’ shipping manager and LiveRoof NorthEast’s Product Specialist, came to visit our facility in Nunica, Michigan, where we had the opportunity to chat with them about their thoughts and goals for the future. Regarding the new partnership, Arjen had this to say: “Our partnership with LiveRoof is an exciting opportunity and a natural evolution in the direction of our company.”

What are they most excited about working as a LiveRoof grower? According to Sean: “LiveRoof Global LLC. has laid out the blueprint for success and green roofs have laid out the ‘greenprint’ for sustainability, energy efficiency, CO2 sequestration, and pollinators to help make urban and suburban areas green and naturally productive again in a time when it’s needed more than ever. Green roofs are the future and LiveRoof Global LLC. has shown why they will be growing most of them.”

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Three men standing in front of some equipment smiling.

To read the full interview with Arjen and Sean click here