With a 2650 square foot LiveRoof® Green Roof installed on the Honnen Ice Arena, Colorado College moves closer to its goal of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2020. Colorado College has long-embraced sustainability through a progressive plan of tangible initiatives to address energy consumption, sustainability in the dining halls, water resource policies, waste and recycling practices. Living roofs provide important energy reduction benefits such as reducing this ice arena’s use of air conditioning during warmer months, while the plants will serve to sequester carbon emissions.

Colorado College is actively pursuing goals such as preserving regional and community water supply by reducing potable water usage by 50%. The institution incorporates operational strategies including storm water management and treatment, water-efficient landscaping, and water-use reduction making a living roof a natural fit for this campus. Green roofs reduce stormwater runoff by 65-90 percent in the summer and 25-40 percent during winter months by utilizing succulent sedum plants. The drought-tolerant sedums have been custom-grown for this rooftop garden to match the local climate. The result is a low-maintenance green space that reduces heating and cooling costs, extends roof life, lowers noise pollution and provides a natural air filtration system.

Colorado College Honnene Ice Arena Green Roof.

“At Colorado College we view sustainability in part as a place-based relationship,” said Ian Johnson, director of sustainability at Colorado College. “This roof uses climate-appropriate plants that beautify and help connect us with natural spaces while making the building more energy efficient.  We’re emulating nature to create attractive, effective solutions that support our strategic goals.”

The new LiveRoof® green roof covering Honnen Ice Arena features a patented, subterranean modular system that unites soil and plants creating a beautiful, meadow-like aesthetic. This green roof is cost effective, providing operational and maintenance cost savings from increased roof life, reduced energy use and stormwater management. The living roof will also reduce noise, protect air quality and provide natural beauty.

Jewett Roofing, in partnership with Duro-Last, installed the green roof at the Honnen Ice Arena.

Colorado Ice Arena Green Roof.