RoofBlue is compatible with all LiveRoof module sizes. RoofBlue DETAIN will raise the green roof system by an additional 3.5”, which means that taller aluminum edge restraints are required to surround the entire blue green roof assembly.

Edging Recommendations

  • RoofBlue with the LiveRoof Lite (2.5”) system: Use RoofEdge Deep (6.5″ tall)

  • RoofBlue with the LiveRoof Standard (4.25”) system: Use RoofEdge Maxx (8.5″ tall)

  • RoofBlue with the LiveRoof Deep (6″) or Maxx (8″) systems: Specify an edge restraint of approximately 10.5″ for Deep/RoofBlue or 12.5″ Maxx/RoofBlue (typically custom fabricated). Alternatively, it may be more economical to use one or more rows of LiveRoof Standard (4.25”) vegetated roof modules at the perimeter and transition to the LiveRoof Deep (6”) or Maxx (8”) systems in the field of the installation. The modules are designed to integrate between these sizes without edging.