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The NATS Nursery team supplies the arms for a landscape revolution. We grow the lungs of the world.

The unique and highly skilled team at NATS is committed to providing the best quality Pacific Northwest plants possible to the global market for restoration, reclamation, reforestation, sustainable gardening, construction and more.

We strive to help our customers find the right plant for the right place, and to share our personal passion for plants, and for improving the world in which we live.

The NATS Nursery team is happily committed to leading the landscape revolution and pleased to be the grower and supplier of the LiveRoof® Hybrid System in British Columbia.

LiveRoof Service Area
  • Alaska

  • British Columbia

  • Oregon

  • Washington

LiveRoof Representative

Dean Villaceran
(604) 830-6549


24555 32nd Avenue
Langley, BC V2Z 2J5

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