Database Technician

Nunica, MI 49448


$22.13-$28.48 hourly

Job Type:

Full Time

Monday- Friday

8am to 5pm

Number of Hires for This Role:


Required Skills:

The Database Technician programs and maintains Microsoft Access database projects used by Hortech and Hortech’s, subsidiary companies for such tasks such as order entry, inventory management, production scheduling and more. Responsibilities include creating and updating forms, reports, and queries that meet the user’s needs related to their jobs with a strong emphasis on accuracy. He/She will be proficient in the use of Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) and in trouble shooting issues with VBA code including code written by others. He/She, as the Database Technician, is service minded and values working collaboratively as a team, typically on-site, with a traditional Monday- Friday work week so as to be available, responsive, and supportive of colleagues and customers.

Essential Functions:

  • Implements changes and additions to Access projects.
  • Quickly and accurately fulfills requests from others for data.
  • Contributes to the IT Standardized Procedures and user manuals related to the use of Access projects.
  • Very interested in horticulture and interested in and committed to collaboration with the team.
  • Completes the weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules on time, and works toward enhancing the effectiveness and profitability of Hortech.
  • Works toward maximizing our effectiveness in respect to computer use, as well as his or her own efficiency.
  • Readily available for urgent database troubleshooting.
  • Help desk style responsibilities.
  • CRM updates and administration.
  • Mailing list updates and queries.
  • Email blast facilitation.
  • Extensive experience creating and maintaining Access Databases including the use of Visual Basic For Applications.
  • Valid Michigan Driver’s License, and eligible for company motor vehicle insurance.
  • Knows our product line and is aware of how accurate information and efficient information affects the effectiveness of our production, sales, shipping, and customer service personnel.
  • Understands, embraces, implements and effectively lead concepts of Lean Systems.
  • Continues education and develops specific knowledge as it relates to database management.
  • Mission Driven-Hard working, helpful, thoughtful, team oriented and compelled to do what is right for others, the environment and for the world.
  • Possesses computer skills necessary for programming, report generation, correspondence, scheduling, and record keeping.
  • Does not need to possess great physical strength but must have the ability to work quickly and accurately with Access databases
  • Must be a pro-active, creative thinker as planning one or several weeks ahead is required for success.


  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Discount
  • Referral Program

Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may apply


  • Day shift

Work Location:

  • One location

Work Remotely:

  • No


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